Defining our Image!

After our Online Kickoff Meeting in November, the first task was to start the implementation of this project was to design the logo, image, and graphic line, in order to give visibility to and to disseminate the different activities of the “Mentoring for Inclusion” project.

As a consortium, we wanted to respect the main concepts of the project which are “inclusion” and “ESC volunteering”. Since blue is commonly known as the color of the European Union and the ERASMUS+ and ESC porgrammes, and yellow the color most representative of inclusion, we decided that these would be the main project colours and that they should be present in the logo.

With this in mind, Iniciativa Internacional Joven, as general coordinator of the project, proposed several versions for the logo. After several attempts we finally arrived at a logo that encapsulates the essence of the project: mentoring volunteers for inclusion!

Here you have the finally result os this effort!